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Product Care


We try to make our products as easy to care for and durable as possible but some of our favourite activities like swimming and going to the beach may, in time, affect any jewellery. Please ensure that you read our care instructions before purchasing.

Enjoying your bubble bath and shower...

Tap water rarely affects our jewellery or causes it to react but the harsh chemicals in products such as body wash, bubbles, shampoo, conditioner and other soaps can compromise the metals used. We recommend removing your beautiful new pieces to make sure they stay in top condition.

Summertime by the pool...

We do not recommend swimming in pools with your Petals Jewellery, the chemicals in pools such as chlorine can interact with the metals more so than fresh water and soaps.

Swimming in our beloved ocean...

Similar to fresh water, the ocean should not harm your new pieces and will not cause it to tarnish however the salt water and sand may be corrosive causing any plating to fade - though a lot of time in the ocean is required for this.